Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bring home the bacon or have it delivered?

After two years of burning up the highways of Mississippi,
I've gained a new appreciation for the technologies afforded via my PC, IPad, smartphone & the Internet. I've sharpened my marketing techniques, honed my research skills and learned from a myriad of costly mistakes.

That's the way it goes in this ever-changing business. One thing remains constant: More and more people are ditching the long lines, crowded parking lots, confusing isles and rude cashiers at the local One-Stop-Stores, and opting to shop from the comfort of their electronic devices. I've only spent a few grand online last year. But when I want something, I look online first, even if I do decide to go to the store.

Don't believe me?
Walmart closes over 260 stores
What does that tell you?

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People say the economy is bad. It's not. In fact, it's better than ever. But it is changing.
Young people leaving high school without a firm grasp of the Internet will find themselves most disadvantaged when they start applying for jobs, only to find that everything has gone "Electronic".

I can afford to work from home and earn less, yet live a better quality of life.
I don't have to buy lunch, gas, parking...
And all the other fees that were eating away my paycheck when I was traveling
200 to 400 miles per day in my former position.
I look great & feel better. I have time to keep my nails & hair pretty (doing them myself). I keep my house cleaner, because I'm not gone 10 to 18 hours a day.

I can workout when I want to in my home gym, visit friends and relatives when ever I wish;
without worrying that I'll miss the big sale.
Tips & Tricks.

In truth, running a home-based business is more work than a regular (Job). But the lifestyle is far more comforting, exciting and prosperity is not dictated by the whims of others. I decide how long I work, the hours and the type of work I do.
Living the dream?

As an autonomous person, nothing suits me better that being my Own Boss.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Fruitful Life

I am so in awe right now. I suppose I must have really wanted this life-style with all my heart because it’s my reality now.

Earning my living from the comfort and seclusion of my home office with it’s breathtaking view…

…is not only a dream come true, but it’s also the catalyst for creating art, as I now have the time to do. I’m Blessed to be able to help others achieve their goal - not having to devote my waking hours to the 9-2-5 grind. I listen to beautifully inspirational music...

I could listen to this beautiful voice all day*
and produce quality, informative work; while helping to change the lives of others. Who could ask for anything more?
I love helping artist share their talent with the community.
Even though I’m an artist, I’m still a practical woman who knows the value of MY time and MY skills. Setting my goals and working diligently to achieve them is not a thing I take for granted because I look around me and see people living in squalor , I cannot look away,
and every imaginable misery. I love that God has allowed me to help so many, but I want to do more - much more.

As a philanthropist, child advocate and counselor, I desire to achieve more that I may do more for my brethren. This is the real beauty of my corner office. The work I do here allows me to live fully and give generously.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

On a day such as this

On a day such as this, it can be hard to get into a car and drive to a place that I’d rather not be at. Therefore, I’ve chosen the uncertainty and challenge of working from the place that brings me peace, solace & a continued flow of creative energies. I wake up, work-out in my personal gym, them head to my office with it’s grand view of my gardens.

Once at work, the chaos is managed by the knowledge that I am in control. Taking & making calls, buying & selling, study & research are par for the course. It’s when I’ve helped someone solve a problem that I am most gratuitously rewarded. For, in helping them I have helped myself and the community. This is why I choose the difficult path of entrepreneurship…SMILE*

The reason I do this…

Well, I’m an artist all day every day. But truthfully, until anybody makes it big, art has to be funded. Every dime earned from sales of Ebay , Avon , Organo Gold & Legal Shield goes into the kitty to keep O.N.S. Overnight Sensational Entertainment & Clowns 4 All Occasions Pinky The Dancing Clown  going.

Hip-Hop Dancer, Miss T. Cooks


                     Poet, Author, Playwrite; Mr. Marcus Kimbrough

Costumes, travel, paying employees, marketing & other fees are just a few of the costs involved in helping local talent forge ahead and putting Pinky within reach of thousands of children who might never see a live entertainer; least of all a Black Female Clown. I do this to fuel the desire in youngsters that want to follow their dreams too…SMILE* O.N.S. Show Biz Blog

Friday, March 8, 2013


One of my best friends from Chicago called me today as I was getting dresses for work. It was almost two pm and I told her I was headed to my office to start my work-day. “Why so late?” She asked. And I explained that it was actually quite early, as I often start after dinner when the Internet is running smoother and the world is much quieter.

For me, the wee-hours of the night are when my mind runs rampant and I’ve got the whole day to do other things - including take some short naps when needed. Of course I don’t stay up every night; but the beauty of working from my HOME OFFICE is that I work when I feel most productive. I sit down at my desk and really crank out the profit creating material that has given me the freedom to live as I see fit…not as someone else dictates suitable for me. I do work hard - but I also work smart. Choosing the companies, hours, fields and formats that spark my creativity. I love writing (Blogging), selling on eBay and showing the world a little more about who I am. Identity Theft! Don't be a victim. Click Here to learn more NOW!

So, whether it’s 2am or 2pm, the work-day starts when I’m ready. And I get more done in less time, leaving myself time to live my dreams. People Love OG & I've got it...SMILE*

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Need For Speed-Automation!

The Internet epitomizes the “Information Age.” Opinions, Photos, Videos and Facts accessed at lighting speed from my PC or any internet ready device. I love shopping on the “Net/Web” and I know others do too because Brick & Mortar Stores are loosing sales=$$$ to Internet sites every day. Smart companies created websites with shopping carts years ago. Any entity, agency or organization will attest to the to power of the internet’s advantage when you want to be found and patronized.
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I appreciate the speed, convenience and automation of the web and I enjoy working with companies that utilize it. Customers, like myself, appreciate the control and flexibility of logging onto the internet 24/7 to conducting all manner of business; Paying Bills, Research, Planning Trips, Shopping, Sharing Updates/Info with family and friends…with just a few Clicks!
All my customers can call me with questions and concerns, but most don’t need my assistance when they log in, browse the online store, select the items or services they want and pay with PayPal or Credit card.
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Online Shoppers
enjoy the independence of doing things their way and doing things when they want to - not when the doors of the stores are open.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013


I bumped into an old acquaintance the other day
She said, “Mary, you’re always smiling, tell me how you stay that way?”
I didn’t even have to stop to think about it
My smile was my joy in Christ and I couldn’t doubt it
Yet, when I told her that, she got wild in her eyes
As though my words had taken her by surprise
She said, “and what about this bad economy?”
I said, “my dear I don’t let that stuff bother me.”
She said, “well what about the killing and the dying?”
I said, “The Bible says that these times will be trying!”
She looked at me with concern and distress
I put my hand on her shoulder and began to confess
That I too, know what you’re going through
I was once confused like you
And she braced herself to hear my confession
And I began to tell her of my life with Depression
There was a time when I only seemed to loose
And every choice I made, was the wrong choice to choose
I was broken and beat down by life
Every waking moment was filled with strife
And if I bet on a race, my horse would not win
Even though that same horse, would win time and time again
Everything I tried to build would fall
And it was not long before I’d lost it all
I turned to astrology and the soothsayers
I consulted the hustlers and the big players
They would give me a word or two and move on
And they laughed when everything I had was gone
But I still had my life and my soul
But I was burnt-out, and I felt so old
And even though I wanted to make a new start
I asked GOD first, to change my heart
Then HE opened my eyes and I began to see
It was the things I had lost that had bounded me
I realized I had my family and my health
And I began to experience a new kind of wealth
It didn’t happen over night
And many days were still filled with fright
But I remain in God’s good Grace
And with God there is nothing...nothing, I can’t face
And so you see this smile I wear
I have a better cross to bare
And now it’s God’s Word I share
I’ve got the victory – and you’ll get there
All you have to do is, let it all go
Open-up and let the Blessings flow
Something Greater is inside of me
I’ve got JESUS, and I feel so free
And I am Always under Satan’s attack

But GOD’S got my front, both sides and my back

And now you ask how I can smile this way
I’m just so happy that I woke up today
And now it seemed that my words had some import
She looked up like she was trying to sort
And then she jerked, as if to get away
I grabbed her by both hands and began to Pray
I saw the tears as they began to pour
And I cried too, cause I’d been there before
I told her...
Sister I’ve been down and out
Believe me, I know what pain is all about
But, JESUS came here and HE died for us
The very least we can do, is to Trust
And so, I have a special joy you see
With Jesus living here inside of me
I touched her cheek and brushed the tears away
We hugged each other and gave God the Praise
About your troubles, there’s only one thing to do
Give them to God and let HIM see you through
So little sister, it’s a brand new day
Give in to God and let Him have His way
Just Pray...Just Pray...JUST PRAY!