Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bring home the bacon or have it delivered?

After two years of burning up the highways of Mississippi,
I've gained a new appreciation for the technologies afforded via my PC, IPad, smartphone & the Internet. I've sharpened my marketing techniques, honed my research skills and learned from a myriad of costly mistakes.

That's the way it goes in this ever-changing business. One thing remains constant: More and more people are ditching the long lines, crowded parking lots, confusing isles and rude cashiers at the local One-Stop-Stores, and opting to shop from the comfort of their electronic devices. I've only spent a few grand online last year. But when I want something, I look online first, even if I do decide to go to the store.

Don't believe me?
Walmart closes over 260 stores
What does that tell you?

Shop Now!
People say the economy is bad. It's not. In fact, it's better than ever. But it is changing.
Young people leaving high school without a firm grasp of the Internet will find themselves most disadvantaged when they start applying for jobs, only to find that everything has gone "Electronic".

I can afford to work from home and earn less, yet live a better quality of life.
I don't have to buy lunch, gas, parking...
And all the other fees that were eating away my paycheck when I was traveling
200 to 400 miles per day in my former position.
I look great & feel better. I have time to keep my nails & hair pretty (doing them myself). I keep my house cleaner, because I'm not gone 10 to 18 hours a day.

I can workout when I want to in my home gym, visit friends and relatives when ever I wish;
without worrying that I'll miss the big sale.
Tips & Tricks.

In truth, running a home-based business is more work than a regular (Job). But the lifestyle is far more comforting, exciting and prosperity is not dictated by the whims of others. I decide how long I work, the hours and the type of work I do.
Living the dream?

As an autonomous person, nothing suits me better that being my Own Boss.

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