Thursday, July 11, 2013

The reason I do this…

Well, I’m an artist all day every day. But truthfully, until anybody makes it big, art has to be funded. Every dime earned from sales of Ebay , Avon , Organo Gold & Legal Shield goes into the kitty to keep O.N.S. Overnight Sensational Entertainment & Clowns 4 All Occasions Pinky The Dancing Clown  going.

Hip-Hop Dancer, Miss T. Cooks


                     Poet, Author, Playwrite; Mr. Marcus Kimbrough

Costumes, travel, paying employees, marketing & other fees are just a few of the costs involved in helping local talent forge ahead and putting Pinky within reach of thousands of children who might never see a live entertainer; least of all a Black Female Clown. I do this to fuel the desire in youngsters that want to follow their dreams too…SMILE* O.N.S. Show Biz Blog

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