Friday, March 8, 2013


One of my best friends from Chicago called me today as I was getting dresses for work. It was almost two pm and I told her I was headed to my office to start my work-day. “Why so late?” She asked. And I explained that it was actually quite early, as I often start after dinner when the Internet is running smoother and the world is much quieter.

For me, the wee-hours of the night are when my mind runs rampant and I’ve got the whole day to do other things - including take some short naps when needed. Of course I don’t stay up every night; but the beauty of working from my HOME OFFICE is that I work when I feel most productive. I sit down at my desk and really crank out the profit creating material that has given me the freedom to live as I see fit…not as someone else dictates suitable for me. I do work hard - but I also work smart. Choosing the companies, hours, fields and formats that spark my creativity. I love writing (Blogging), selling on eBay and showing the world a little more about who I am. Identity Theft! Don't be a victim. Click Here to learn more NOW!

So, whether it’s 2am or 2pm, the work-day starts when I’m ready. And I get more done in less time, leaving myself time to live my dreams. People Love OG & I've got it...SMILE*