Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Let me tell you up front; I’m an artist, Pinky The Dancing Clown and I need time, money and freedom to create. I’ve worked at jobs ranging from cashier, caregiver and construction worker; to store manager, government work, welder, trucking, and even factory work. I’ve also had the headache of running small businesses. If the paper work, liabilities and equipment maintenance weren’t enough to cause ulcers, the unpredictable customers, irresponsible employees and rising business costs were. Not to mention the balancing act of raising a family and caring for aging parents…it was overwhelming, to say the least. 

Jobs were all fine for a moment, providing extra income to fund my next project. But, we all know the employment situation that has plagued this nation for decades…cheep, foreign labor. We can’t blame companies if they want more profit - exploiting the labor of people who do a job for pennies a day. But we don’t have to buy their products either. So, what happens when an American worker, is displaced by the “Downsizing” trend?
I haven’t done it all, but as I mentioned, I’ve done a lot. I know the value of my time and my talents. That’s why I earn Passive Income to fund my artistic endeavors. 

Please don’t take that term the wrong way! Passive doesn’t mean “DO-NOTHING INCOME” or “MAGIC INCOME.”

It just means “FLEXIBLE INCOME.” I determine the hours and efforts to expend. I set goals that are relevant to my needs and that fuel my creative fires. I take the heartaches and set-backs, but I also take the credit and enjoy the fruits of my OWN labors.
Travel, costumes, licenses/permits, lessons, props, venues and a host of costs evolved with performing, required income-generating systems that left me with very little time to practice and create. Mind you, I didn’t just pick companies out of a hat. I simply signed up with companies whose products I used all the time. I drink Organo Gold coffee every day,     Organo Gold Coffee & Health Products,
so why not buy it wholesale and share the goodness with others? 
I sold Avon, Avon by Madamxtra , to earn extra income
during college. My Grandmother, Mom and Aunts, all used it. That assured me that the company was trust worthy. Now I place my orders on the internet and get PAID to do it.
I’ve been a member of Legal Shield, since it was Pre-Paid Legal. Becoming a representative was just the next step.
They’ve been a phone call away when I had questions about property issues, fiduciary rights, child custody issues and even an auto accident. I don’t plop down hundreds of dollars for consultation when legal issues arise…and they do arise. And they are available 24/7 in emergencies.

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