Monday, February 25, 2013

The Need For Speed-Automation!

The Internet epitomizes the “Information Age.” Opinions, Photos, Videos and Facts accessed at lighting speed from my PC or any internet ready device. I love shopping on the “Net/Web” and I know others do too because Brick & Mortar Stores are loosing sales=$$$ to Internet sites every day. Smart companies created websites with shopping carts years ago. Any entity, agency or organization will attest to the to power of the internet’s advantage when you want to be found and patronized.
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I appreciate the speed, convenience and automation of the web and I enjoy working with companies that utilize it. Customers, like myself, appreciate the control and flexibility of logging onto the internet 24/7 to conducting all manner of business; Paying Bills, Research, Planning Trips, Shopping, Sharing Updates/Info with family and friends…with just a few Clicks!
All my customers can call me with questions and concerns, but most don’t need my assistance when they log in, browse the online store, select the items or services they want and pay with PayPal or Credit card.
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Online Shoppers
enjoy the independence of doing things their way and doing things when they want to - not when the doors of the stores are open.

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