Saturday, February 23, 2013


I bumped into an old acquaintance the other day
She said, “Mary, you’re always smiling, tell me how you stay that way?”
I didn’t even have to stop to think about it
My smile was my joy in Christ and I couldn’t doubt it
Yet, when I told her that, she got wild in her eyes
As though my words had taken her by surprise
She said, “and what about this bad economy?”
I said, “my dear I don’t let that stuff bother me.”
She said, “well what about the killing and the dying?”
I said, “The Bible says that these times will be trying!”
She looked at me with concern and distress
I put my hand on her shoulder and began to confess
That I too, know what you’re going through
I was once confused like you
And she braced herself to hear my confession
And I began to tell her of my life with Depression
There was a time when I only seemed to loose
And every choice I made, was the wrong choice to choose
I was broken and beat down by life
Every waking moment was filled with strife
And if I bet on a race, my horse would not win
Even though that same horse, would win time and time again
Everything I tried to build would fall
And it was not long before I’d lost it all
I turned to astrology and the soothsayers
I consulted the hustlers and the big players
They would give me a word or two and move on
And they laughed when everything I had was gone
But I still had my life and my soul
But I was burnt-out, and I felt so old
And even though I wanted to make a new start
I asked GOD first, to change my heart
Then HE opened my eyes and I began to see
It was the things I had lost that had bounded me
I realized I had my family and my health
And I began to experience a new kind of wealth
It didn’t happen over night
And many days were still filled with fright
But I remain in God’s good Grace
And with God there is nothing...nothing, I can’t face
And so you see this smile I wear
I have a better cross to bare
And now it’s God’s Word I share
I’ve got the victory – and you’ll get there
All you have to do is, let it all go
Open-up and let the Blessings flow
Something Greater is inside of me
I’ve got JESUS, and I feel so free
And I am Always under Satan’s attack

But GOD’S got my front, both sides and my back

And now you ask how I can smile this way
I’m just so happy that I woke up today
And now it seemed that my words had some import
She looked up like she was trying to sort
And then she jerked, as if to get away
I grabbed her by both hands and began to Pray
I saw the tears as they began to pour
And I cried too, cause I’d been there before
I told her...
Sister I’ve been down and out
Believe me, I know what pain is all about
But, JESUS came here and HE died for us
The very least we can do, is to Trust
And so, I have a special joy you see
With Jesus living here inside of me
I touched her cheek and brushed the tears away
We hugged each other and gave God the Praise
About your troubles, there’s only one thing to do
Give them to God and let HIM see you through
So little sister, it’s a brand new day
Give in to God and let Him have His way
Just Pray...Just Pray...JUST PRAY!

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