Monday, February 25, 2013

The Need For Speed-Automation!

The Internet epitomizes the “Information Age.” Opinions, Photos, Videos and Facts accessed at lighting speed from my PC or any internet ready device. I love shopping on the “Net/Web” and I know others do too because Brick & Mortar Stores are loosing sales=$$$ to Internet sites every day. Smart companies created websites with shopping carts years ago. Any entity, agency or organization will attest to the to power of the internet’s advantage when you want to be found and patronized.
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I appreciate the speed, convenience and automation of the web and I enjoy working with companies that utilize it. Customers, like myself, appreciate the control and flexibility of logging onto the internet 24/7 to conducting all manner of business; Paying Bills, Research, Planning Trips, Shopping, Sharing Updates/Info with family and friends…with just a few Clicks!
All my customers can call me with questions and concerns, but most don’t need my assistance when they log in, browse the online store, select the items or services they want and pay with PayPal or Credit card.
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Online Shoppers
enjoy the independence of doing things their way and doing things when they want to - not when the doors of the stores are open.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013


I bumped into an old acquaintance the other day
She said, “Mary, you’re always smiling, tell me how you stay that way?”
I didn’t even have to stop to think about it
My smile was my joy in Christ and I couldn’t doubt it
Yet, when I told her that, she got wild in her eyes
As though my words had taken her by surprise
She said, “and what about this bad economy?”
I said, “my dear I don’t let that stuff bother me.”
She said, “well what about the killing and the dying?”
I said, “The Bible says that these times will be trying!”
She looked at me with concern and distress
I put my hand on her shoulder and began to confess
That I too, know what you’re going through
I was once confused like you
And she braced herself to hear my confession
And I began to tell her of my life with Depression
There was a time when I only seemed to loose
And every choice I made, was the wrong choice to choose
I was broken and beat down by life
Every waking moment was filled with strife
And if I bet on a race, my horse would not win
Even though that same horse, would win time and time again
Everything I tried to build would fall
And it was not long before I’d lost it all
I turned to astrology and the soothsayers
I consulted the hustlers and the big players
They would give me a word or two and move on
And they laughed when everything I had was gone
But I still had my life and my soul
But I was burnt-out, and I felt so old
And even though I wanted to make a new start
I asked GOD first, to change my heart
Then HE opened my eyes and I began to see
It was the things I had lost that had bounded me
I realized I had my family and my health
And I began to experience a new kind of wealth
It didn’t happen over night
And many days were still filled with fright
But I remain in God’s good Grace
And with God there is nothing...nothing, I can’t face
And so you see this smile I wear
I have a better cross to bare
And now it’s God’s Word I share
I’ve got the victory – and you’ll get there
All you have to do is, let it all go
Open-up and let the Blessings flow
Something Greater is inside of me
I’ve got JESUS, and I feel so free
And I am Always under Satan’s attack

But GOD’S got my front, both sides and my back

And now you ask how I can smile this way
I’m just so happy that I woke up today
And now it seemed that my words had some import
She looked up like she was trying to sort
And then she jerked, as if to get away
I grabbed her by both hands and began to Pray
I saw the tears as they began to pour
And I cried too, cause I’d been there before
I told her...
Sister I’ve been down and out
Believe me, I know what pain is all about
But, JESUS came here and HE died for us
The very least we can do, is to Trust
And so, I have a special joy you see
With Jesus living here inside of me
I touched her cheek and brushed the tears away
We hugged each other and gave God the Praise
About your troubles, there’s only one thing to do
Give them to God and let HIM see you through
So little sister, it’s a brand new day
Give in to God and let Him have His way
Just Pray...Just Pray...JUST PRAY!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Why I Love MLM


I’ve been asked why I work with so many MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies and why I chose IM (Internet Marketing)?

The truth is that I know what it is to want. That’s right! I’ve been cold, hungry, without a ride and without phone service. I know what it is to think I’ve got a good job, only to be down-sized when budget cuts took effect. I’m college educated yet this job market is enough to depress anyone looking for work in a creative environment. I know the drudgery of working on jobs where I was clearly over-qualified. And jobs that weren’t stimulating or lucrative. I’ve come home too tire to do anything but rest-up for the next shift and I’ve commuted to a job that was three hours away.

I never set out to be a Webmaster, it simply came with the territory. I love working from my PC. I love operating stores where people can choose the products/services they want, pay with Credit Card, PayPal or right from their Checking Account. I love the fact that I don’t have to drive around, making deliveries, trying to catch people when they are at home or spend endless hours on the phone with unhappy customers.

I really enjoy going into the back offices of my online stores and making changes right from my desktop at home or any where I take my laptop or even my smart phone. I’m in good hands with professional coaches and uplinks who answer questions and offer advice. I don’t have to re-invent the wheel because help is always a phone call away.

It was never my goal to bug people with calls or emails. I work to get my sites in front of people who are looking for the products and services that I have to offer and I’m right beside the every step of the way when they decide to join one of my winning teams.

Get PAID To Drink Coffee
this isn’t the line of work for everybody. But I was asked why I love it, and now you know. I choose my hours. I work as much or little as I want to and I decide how to operate my stores. I love being Boss!

I’m an artist. I create. Creating wealth from my PC is a no-brainer for me.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I hate to “GO-TO-WORK!”

This page is dedicated to anybody who’s had to:
Get up at all hours of the morning or night.
Were a cheesy outfit or uniform.
Stand on their feet all day.
Commute for hours.
Do degrading work.
Work in nasty weather.
Put up with bosses from hell.
Work in filthy or hazardous conditions.
Work - just to stay broke.
Deal with crazy co-workers.
Beg to get a bathroom-break.
Eat lunch on the run.
Miss-out on family functions or your kid’s events.
Go to work sick.
Been fired for no reason.
The list goes on and on, because when you are doing work that’s not satisfying, not getting paid enough for the job you’re doing or being treated unfairly in the workplace, it’s enough to make you sick of your job. Now, I’m not suggesting that you up-and-quit! But it’s up to you to make a career move that will begin bringing you the emotional gratification, creative freedom and financial rewards that comes with doing satisfying work.

Despite what you might have heard; MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) has been helping people gain freedom and financial independence for more than 100 years, one of the first being the company formed by Madam C.J. Walker, who trained thousands of women across the United States, as hair care consultants. Learn more about this historical entrepreneur at these websites:

Of course, this model of business was followed by great companies like:


Organo Gold:

Legal Shield, formally known as Pre-Paid Legal:

Other great companies that have used this model of growth include: The Fuller Company, Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Tupperware and a host of other’s who understood that helping people grow their own businesses is the best way to grow a company.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Let me tell you up front; I’m an artist, Pinky The Dancing Clown and I need time, money and freedom to create. I’ve worked at jobs ranging from cashier, caregiver and construction worker; to store manager, government work, welder, trucking, and even factory work. I’ve also had the headache of running small businesses. If the paper work, liabilities and equipment maintenance weren’t enough to cause ulcers, the unpredictable customers, irresponsible employees and rising business costs were. Not to mention the balancing act of raising a family and caring for aging parents…it was overwhelming, to say the least. 

Jobs were all fine for a moment, providing extra income to fund my next project. But, we all know the employment situation that has plagued this nation for decades…cheep, foreign labor. We can’t blame companies if they want more profit - exploiting the labor of people who do a job for pennies a day. But we don’t have to buy their products either. So, what happens when an American worker, is displaced by the “Downsizing” trend?
I haven’t done it all, but as I mentioned, I’ve done a lot. I know the value of my time and my talents. That’s why I earn Passive Income to fund my artistic endeavors. 

Please don’t take that term the wrong way! Passive doesn’t mean “DO-NOTHING INCOME” or “MAGIC INCOME.”

It just means “FLEXIBLE INCOME.” I determine the hours and efforts to expend. I set goals that are relevant to my needs and that fuel my creative fires. I take the heartaches and set-backs, but I also take the credit and enjoy the fruits of my OWN labors.
Travel, costumes, licenses/permits, lessons, props, venues and a host of costs evolved with performing, required income-generating systems that left me with very little time to practice and create. Mind you, I didn’t just pick companies out of a hat. I simply signed up with companies whose products I used all the time. I drink Organo Gold coffee every day,     Organo Gold Coffee & Health Products,
so why not buy it wholesale and share the goodness with others? 
I sold Avon, Avon by Madamxtra , to earn extra income
during college. My Grandmother, Mom and Aunts, all used it. That assured me that the company was trust worthy. Now I place my orders on the internet and get PAID to do it.
I’ve been a member of Legal Shield, since it was Pre-Paid Legal. Becoming a representative was just the next step.
They’ve been a phone call away when I had questions about property issues, fiduciary rights, child custody issues and even an auto accident. I don’t plop down hundreds of dollars for consultation when legal issues arise…and they do arise. And they are available 24/7 in emergencies.